June 21, 2009

nervous rambling

I'm feeling queasy inside but not because of the debate speeches, but because of the POI's. I'm scared they'll bang me until I lose confidence and end up crying, or anything of that sort. Yeah, I'm not mentally ready. God. Aisyah gave me a pep talk last Friday and gave me her hugs and Syaza also gave me confidence yesterday when I was on the phone with her so I feel a teensie bit better. My God. Its tomorrow. TOMORROW D:

Sigh. I hope I won't stutter. I hope my pronounciation will be okay. I hope I don't drop my cue cards. I hope I don't feel like falling when I stand up tomorrow. I hope that my hope's will come true and I hope we'll win the cup and cut down the pineapple tree down. Well, in other words, beat CBN. Haha. Okay, I feel slightly better.

Moving on.
Yesterday, tagged along with mum and dad to Yusof, Ibraheem and Umar's report card day at Adni and they were selling books. And I was suddenly inspired to buy this book: Great Women of Islam. I actually secretly wish that I'll be like one of them; faithful servant of God, strong hearted, obedient and everything else which makes the women in the book a great women of Islam.

Right. Okay. I think I'll go practise my speech?


Anonymous said...

good luckkkkkkkkk! :D

Nur Syaza said...

aww,just hv fun and kick some ass, okaay. haha.
i knw u can do it lah.

Khadijah said...

Zara & Syaza,

Thank you me bebehs <333333333