May 6, 2009

ups and downs

My tonsil is back again, my throat feels like its been sheared,m y brain keeps telling me that I'm going to fail my diagnostic while my heart says I'm not going to make it thorugh PMR, Auntie Yati tells me to study hard and go to boarding school and everything else in between is just a blur. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Alright, moving on. Well, I actually don't know what to talk of. These few days came and went like the wind. Nothing much to remember of. OH! Yes. I didn't go to school on Monday because mum didn't want to face the Holiday traffic on Sunday. When I went to school on Tuesday, 3 people said they missed me before assembly started. During class, a few other people said they missed me. I remember a few of them: Syaza, Fatin, Atiqah, John, Darrell, Ellya and God-knows who else. Haha. Well, I missed them too :)

And, I'm going to be honest. I only got 2 As 4Bs 1C and 1D. Yes, terrible. I haven't told my parents but well, I don't know. Oh crap, I want to cry. Nevermind, I still have my diagnostics. I hope I do well.

Okay, sambung hiatus.

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