May 10, 2009

omigosh omigosh omigosh

I can't believe I spent nearly two hours drawing characters for my art folio. Unbelievable. I thought I'd never do it. Well, it's due this Friday so yes, I'm going to finish it at all costs. And also, the Geography folio is due before holidays start and the History folio, after holidays. Oh my God. My head is going dizzy with folios, folios and folios. No matter, I thank God for them.


Earlier today, I played Scrabble with dad in the kitchen while he went to and fro, making meringue for Ibraheem's birthday. Despite the meringue, he won with 370+ points or so and I lost to him with 206 points. Haha. I don't know why, but I always lose in any kind of games. You name it. Monopoly? Scrabble? Life? Yeah, I'll lose. Yes, I'm a sucker as you know. Haha.

Oh yes. After much procrastination, I have finally gone to the Ampang Guitar and Music Store to restring my guitar and also to replace the knobby things. Apparently its all going to be nylon, but well, I don't know. I'm just happy that it'll have new strings-and perhaps, a guitar bag too. Hint hint. Wheeeeeeeeee. I can't wait to see my baby :) And apparently, dad's signing me up for piano lessons there after the midterm exams. So, yes, I cannot wait. Wah, I'm lucky lah this week *grin*

Oh Meeeeeeeeeeeei.
Get well soon! I hope your pneumonia goes away D:
I really do hope you get well soon. Sorry that I didn't text or call you. I'm still not good at these kind of things. Really, I'm not. You can ask Aisyah. I didn't even call to wish her Happy Birthday. If you're reading this Aisyah, sorryyyyyyyyyyyy and you know I love you no matter what.

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