May 25, 2009

the obsessed

Kat kat, mati ah I esok tak dapat jawab. I sedih ni, so I kena aah dgr Victor main piano. Hehe.


Haha, Syaza crushing on Victor.

Cis, I miss Aisyah already. And I didn't get to call her. Syaza was the only one who got to call her. That ain't fair. Haha. Oh well. 2 weeks isn't that long. Okay, maybe it is (Sobs)

And if you're reading this missy, don't get a winter fling lah! If you do, get me one too. Syaza sekali. Haha (:

1 comment:

Aisyah Pahmi said...

apahal victor victor niii i taktau pape punnnnn :'((
aww I miss u too Kat! kalau boleh i nak call sume orang but my dad bising. haha
takpe, I'll be back and u can kiss me all u want :P

oit! ade keee! winter fling pulak tuuu! hahahhahahahahhaa bengong. mmg tak laah