November 28, 2008

fooling around

Thats what its like to wake up every morning during these holidays. In my head I go: Khadijah! Get off your ass, wake up. Five minutes passes by and I'm still in bed under my covers, fooling around with myself. Sometimes it takes dad at least five times to wake me up by screaming my name from across the room. But I don't think he screamed at me this morning. Well...did you dad? I don't remember. Haha.

Anyway, I've been trying to reduce my rice intake, which I used to take moundfuls of them, and now I only eat about a scoopful and a half. And thats only for lunch. Wow. Impressive. And I jogged this morning but I only did 12 minutes on the treadmil because I had cramps. Anyway, my thighs seem to have reduced a bit. Better than nothing innit.

So, yeah. OH! The other day dad cooked cheese-stuffed tortellini with his tomato sauce which is spicy, yet not too spicy, specialty for dinner. I ate five servings in all. I guess I was very hungry since I hadn't eaten rice in nearly three days. Dad was like, I can cook but I'd rather not. Haha. Yeah, and dad's real good at flower arrangements and interrior designing. He also used to play the organ. Ha, yeah. Our family seems to be rather multi-talented.

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