November 8, 2008


Besides me, dad is also a Gossip Girl addict. Yes, he is; right after he watched Pilot of season 1 which I uploaded into his iPod because of pure boredom. Right after that, he's been asking a lot about Gossip Girl. And one day, he said "I've already ordered season 1" and he said it with a grin. Naturally, I was like "OMG OMG OMG!". Haha.

Just now we watched a bit of the second episode on mum's laptop because our DVD is hancusss. So, looks like I have something to look forward to this holidays: Gossip Girl marathon! I'm hoping dad wil order me Grey's Anatomy season 1 and 2. Hahaaa. Marathon marathon marathon.

Well, who said dad's aren't cool? And, my dad just bought aviator-like Ray Ban sunglasses and he thinks he's Malaysia's own Daniel Craig. Pfhhhh -__-
Well, that's Anwarul Haq for you.

Oh, and a surprise for Esah. Heeeee. I did it yesterday. Nak tengok? Silakan.

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