February 5, 2011

adventures in a black Iswara

Alas, my topic sounds as though I've been driving for ages. Truth is, I had some, well, amateur driving class from an amateur with grandma, grandpa, ma and pa shouting from the house. It was funny and enjoyable. Minus the shouting of course. And Yusof constantly trying to hog the steering. I felt like ASDASDASD-ing him. But oh well, he's been away for two months and it's high time I started digging deeper for more...goss? *grin* Yeah. That's just how we roll.

So that's what I've been up to here in Ayer Baloi. And now I can try driving the blue Milo-tin of an Iswara back in KL. And then who knows, I might be able to drive out to Setiawangsa for tuition instead of waiting dad. But I still need to know how to drive. I only know how to reverse and go forward. Which consists of the clutch, the gear and releasing the clutch. Does not intrigue me at all. Oh well. Good things come to those who wait.

All in all, tomorrow I'll be back in KL and school starts again on Monday. Alas, what a good week it's been. What with my bronchitis and my meds which make me feel drowsy all the time. OH. But I forgot to mention, I met Mei on Wednesday before we got here. I must say I've missed her a lot. And well, it's like meeting the older sister who went overseas to study and only just got back. Ok. That's a bad metaphor but it's something like that. Mmmm.

Right now I'm hoping to see more of Mei, to jog more and get rid of my pretty arse and of course, study my head off. All is well :-D


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